Linda Benjamin, LCSW, has been a clinical social worker for over thirty years. She had a live radio program in New York City, and then wrote and aired her humorous brief radio segment, Psychobabble, on NPR radio. She has published articles in The New York Times, Chicago Woman and The Women’s Newspaper of Princeton. She is a certified Wellness Hypnotherapist and a practicing Psychotherapist in the Chicago area. She recently finished her book, an inspirational memoir, titled A Girl’s Guide to Aging with Grace and Gusto.

Linda is here to set you on the path to fulfillment in your sixties, or seventies, or any age. It’s never too late, or too soon, to start living happy, living productive, living useful or living healthy. You have a lot of things to do, even if you don’t know what they all are yet. Linda is here to help you get started, inspired and looking ahead.

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